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Lighting manufacturer


The designer's journey:

Corinne BRETON created her arts and crafts business in 2007 after a professional career in environmental and quality management. It is naturally that she anchored her creations in the concept of sustainable development, using noble and raw materials such as driftwood and pebbles.

The designer's signature:

It is above all the long shaping of materials by nature which brings its patina to driftwood, its roundness to pebbles, its diversity to shells, its colors to sand. Then comes the time of the harvest according to the travels and the seasons. Then begins the design and assembly work in the workshop to create lighting, but also decorative objects and, since 2020, jewelry that make up the brand's various collections.

The designer's studio:

Coc'Art Créations produces in limited series or in unique pieces for professionals and  individuals and  adapts to specific requests on plans and estimates.

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